Businesses work hard to build their cash position. Seeing these monies achieve little or no interest can cause frustration, whilst the alternative of extracting monies may be tax inefficient.

Once a healthy bank balance is created, retaining profits brings a sense of comfort against running costs and unforeseen situations. However excess cash deposits hold little chance of beating inflation, with interest rates on Business Accounts reducing to new lows.

Extracting cash balances from a business can often be unattractive due to the personal taxation that is incurred. Once the traditional routes for extracting cash have been exhausted (salary, dividends and pension contributions), cash generative businesses can be left with the headache of how to hold these monies.

Corporate Investment Portfolios

If you are seeking Capital Growth, our corporate investment managers in Leicester, can build an investment portfolio under either an Advisory or Discretionary mandate, utilising appropriate wrappers to hold the investments as tax efficiently as possible.

Whilst investment of this nature should have a long term perspective in mind, our portfolios can be returned to cash within a 3 week timescale, without penalty.

We have over 30 years’ experience working with Accountancy practices and can work with your professional advisors to establish what profits are ring fenced and the subsequent solutions that can be installed.