Your business and personal financial goals are intrinsically linked; the success of one has a direct link to the other.

However, we know that building, running and managing a business can be all-consuming. Often, this unfortunately means personal financial planning takes a back seat. However, taking time out to plan your own financial future, and that of your business, is crucial.

We give you that ‘space’ to lift your head up and look around. Helping prioritise your financial goals and then developing a plan to achieve them.

Your business finances

As a business owner you will face many financial threats and opportunities which we can help you deal with, and take advantage of.

As financial planners, our job is to understand the goals and aspirations you have for your business and then put a plan in place to achieve them. More specifically however we can help with:

Tax-efficient income

Helping you understand and then implement the most tax-efficient way of withdrawing income and capital from your business. View Video

Workplace pensions

Ensuring that you not only meet your legal obligations as an employer, but put in place a package which will help you attract and retain highly valued members of your team. View Video.

Employee protection

Helping you to understand the different options available and then implement a package which will meet the needs of your employees. View Video.

Keyperson and Shareholder protection

Keeping your business running if a key member of your team is unwell or dies. At the same time, ensuring that the equity of a deceased shareholder can be purchased.

Tax-efficient Life Cover

Using Relevant Life Policies will help to provide you with much needed protection, but in a way which attracts tax-relief. View Video.

Pensions and property

Showing you how you can use a self-invested pension to buy your business premises. View Video.

Corporate investments

Explaining how cash held on deposit within your business can be invested, with a view to improving returns through long term investment.

Personal finances

We will help align your business and personal financial planning.

Specifically, we can help with:

Retirement planning: Helping you to understand your retirement objectives and what you need to do to achieve them. View Video.

Savings: Reviewing money you hold on deposit with a view to improving returns and, ideally, stay ahead of inflation. View Video.

Investments: Reviewing your investments to ensure they are held as tax-efficiently as possible, in an environment where charges are fair and that you are taking an appropriate level of risk. View Video.

Inheritance Tax and estate planning: Ensuring that your affairs are well organised so that should you die unexpectedly your assets are distributed according to your wishes and that as little tax as possible is paid by your beneficiaries. View Video.

Protecting your family: Ensuring that should you, your partner or spouse become ill, or die, that those who are financially dependent upon you are financially secure.

Here to help

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