The Advice Process

As Chartered Financial Planners we offer professionally qualified advice.

  • 1. Introduction

    Our first meeting with you is at our cost and without any obligation on your part. We think of this as a discovery meeting, where we learn about your aspirations and discover how we might be able to assist you with achieving your goals. Usually the meeting will take around 30 minutes to an hour.

    The aim of the meeting is two-fold:

    • To ensure that you have received sufficient information from us to enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to engage with us
    • To ensure we understand your objectives sufficiently to advise whether or not we are able to assist you
  • 2. Information Gathering

    In order for your Financial Planner to identify your needs and opportunities it is necessary to gather detailed financial information from you.

    Once this ‘fact finding’ is complete, you and your Financial Planner can agree a firm set of objectives and put in motion a plan of action.

    We may also ask you to sign letters of authority, which will enable us to investigate existing arrangements in greater detail.

  • 3. Engagement

    Before we commence any chargeable work a formal engagement is required. The purpose of this is to:

    • Agree specific aims and objectives
    • Agree the most appropriate ongoing service level for you, once any recommendations have been implemented
    • Agree the fee level with you and how this is to be paid
    • Explain your rights as a client
  • 4. Research & Recommendation

    We will investigate any existing arrangements, research suitable products and prepare personalised recommendations.

    A further meeting will take place to present these recommendations and answer any questions you may have. This is to ensure you are comfortable with the advice being given and understand the rationale behind it.

    To ensure the advice remains accurate we will ask you to confirm that your circumstances have not changed since the information gathering stage.

  • 5. Implementation

    Once all paperwork has been completed we will move on to the implementation phase. You will be allocated to a member of our experienced administration team who will ensure the process is completed as efficiently as possible.

    Your Financial Planner along with your dedicated administrator will work together to see the job through to completion.

    Where advice involves existing arrangements we work hard on your behalf to chase third parties to ensure there is no undue delay.

  • 6. Ongoing Service

    Boolers pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients. Ongoing service is integral to meeting changes in circumstances, as your needs and objectives evolve.

    This ongoing relationship will be on the basis agreed with your Financial Planner during the engagement stage meeting and details of our ongoing service costs will be agreed with you.

    Our standard fees can be found within the Retail Client Agreement and every client is provided with a specific Service and Fee Agreement before any chargeable work is undertaken.