Although we don’t like to think about it, Protection forms a key part of financial planning

There is a wide selection of insurance arrangements, each designed to address a specific set of needs. We have considerable experience in arranging life assurance and providing protection advice. Our financial advisers in Leicester will recommend solutions to give you the best combination of product terms within your specified budget.

Top 3 most common protection policies

Life assurance

Life assurance can help to mitigate the financial impact of the death of a loved one, leaving those left behind able to grieve without the additional stress of worrying about the family’s finances. Whether looking to provide an ongoing income for your financial dependents or to repay all debts in the event of death, life assurance can ensure the security of your beneficiary’s financial position.

Critical illness

The diagnosis of a life changing illness, such as cancer or a stroke, can have a serious impact on a family’s financial position; as such financial security is paramount at that difficult time. Critical illness cover is designed to assist you financially, paying you a lump sum, in the event of being diagnosed with one of the illnesses covered on your policy, giving you the breathing space to deal with the consequences of your condition.

Income Protection Insurance

In the event of being unable to work owing to ill health or accidental injury, family finances can be tested and the financial consequences of the loss of income can be distressing. Income Protection insurance is designed to provide a tax free regular income in these circumstances, enabling you to continue meeting your financial commitments and focus on your health without undue financial worries.

We have been offering life assurance and protection advice for years throughout Leicester, our team will take time to understand your circumstance and recommend the most appropriate solutions to meet your budget and requirements.