Insurance based pensions can often leave people cold, invested in a managed fund that seems distant and impersonal.

SIPP and SSAS pensions have the flexibility to invest in commercial property, removing the unfamiliar investment into stocks and shares and replacing it with a specific building that you can manage.

Using a SIPP & SSAS to invest in commercial property is particularly useful if you are an owner of a small to medium sized business. You can buy your business premises through your SIPP or SSAS pension funds, meaning your company is paying rent into your pension instead of to a landlord.

If you are considering investing your SIPP or SSAS pension into commercial property, contact our specialist pension team for advice and management services, we can help clients throughout Leicester and all surrounding areas.

Top 4 tax advantages of commercial properties in pensions

There are significant tax advantages where commercial property is owned by a SIPP or SSAS, compared to private ownership:

  • The rental income is received tax-free by the SIPP or SSAS
  • There is no Capital Gains Tax on any capital growth on the property sale
  • Tax relief on Company Contributions into the pension (Subject to limits)
  • Potential to reduce corporation tax and National Insurance.

What types of commercial property can a pension invest into?

  • Commercial Property
  • Industrial/Retail units
  • Agricultural Land
  • Commercial Land
  • Purpose built Hotels and Student Let Properties (with restrictions)
  • Nursing Homes
  • Public Houses

Whilst many of the attractions to this style of pension investment are apparent, it is important to bear in mind the potential costs and risks, which can be far greater than other more standardised pension arrangements.

If you want to invest your SIPP or SSAS pension into a commercial property, it is important to consider all the implications of doing so.

Our commercial property investment guide can help, as well as our technical videos; both of which can be found on the links below.

Alternatively contact us for advice in investing your SIPP or SSAS into commercial property, our team in Leicester will provide you with bespoke advice.